flex spex adjustable reading glasses
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Flex Spex are the perfect reading glasses for an outdoor lifestyle.

Highly adjustable, Flex Spex are an excellent choice when you need magnifiers for fishing, camping, boating, construction, arts & crafts, surveying and more.

hobbyistfly tyingreading blueprints

Perfect for reading blueprints, tying flies and for hobbyists.

2 Piece Reading Glasses

They're fast and easy as 1, 2, 3.

If you have an outdoor lifestyle and use reading glasses, it's time you tried Flex Spex, the most adjustable pair of reading glasses on the market. Wear them attached to the bill of your visor, or clip them right to your sunglasses and adjust Flex Spex to see.

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Clip on Flex Spex to bill of visor or stems of sunglasses.

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Attach the lenses together with built in magnets.

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Adjust your Flex Spex with the flexible stems to see.

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Flex Spex also works with wide-brimmed hats.

Learn more about how Flex Spex work.

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